Skyggespil: Cross-country Co-creation

A boy falls asleep while his room comes to life: shadows crawl from under the bed and trees stretch their branches across the walls
30 Nov, 2017

Skyggespill (Shadowmusic) is a new international young audiences music production, produced and performed in a cooperation between the Dutch young audiences production company Oorkaan, the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and Norwegian Kulturtanken.

The starting point for Skyggespill (Shadowmusic) is the famous piece Verklärte Nacht by Arnold Schönberg. In this theatrical concert without words the piece is made accessible to young ears in a visual and poetic way. On stage are only the musicians of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. While they play the music by heart, they create the story.

Skyggespill premiered in October in Oslo and was presented at this year's Marked for Musikk in Larvik, Norway.

Skyggespill is made possible by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund in the framework of the Fast Forward Project and by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB Dextra Musica. 

For more details about the production and the Dutch-Norwegian cooperation, read the full YAMspace article here.