Marked for Musikk 2017

24 Oct, 2017
Larvik, Norway
24 October 2017 - 00:47 26 October 2017

Marked for Musikk (MFM) in Larvik, Norway is the annual national showcase event where professional artists present music productions/concerts aimed at young audiences (0 to 18 years). In addition, the event hosts a seminar with a current topic.

The main aim of the event is to contribute to increased access to professional music of high quality for young audiences.

In 2016 MFM hosted YAMsession 2016, a part of the Blackboard Music Project.

In 2017, MFM presents a series of the best current and upcoming Norwegian YAM productions along with top class international productions. 

Among the international productions are French La Balle Rouge currently nominated for best small ensemble at YAMawards 2017, along with Danish pianist Jacob Nielsen's "Pianokino" who performed at YAMsession 2015 in Zagreb. Both productions were initially exchanged and promoted as a part of the Blackboard Music Project.

Welcome to three inspiring and exciting days in Larvik!

MFM is a collaboration between Vestfold County Council and Larvik Council, and was organised for the first time in 2010.