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04 May, 2017

Whether experienced or novice, as a musician performing for young audiences, YAMspace offers a series of videos and articles with information about and introductions to young audiences music.

This article aims to give you an overview of where you can find what is useful to musicians on YAMspace.

Introduction to children as an audience and the school concert setting

Since the concert does not need to serve a theme, generate sales or teach a non-musical agenda - it becomes a platform for free artistic expression.

Read more about children as an audience - what to expect from commercial young audiences concert versus a school concert etc. here

The role of the producer

In many of the European countries, YAM organisations make use of a producer who assist the musicians who have been selected for touring in the  organisation to do what they do best, and reach the audience in the best way possible.

Want to know more about what goes on in a producing session? Check out the video documentaries YAM producers' forum 2016: The world comes closer, You need trust and YAM producer's forum 2014: Kraja 

Touring abroad

Want to tour abroad? Here you can find all relevant information about deadlines and quality criteria for different organisations in the YAM network.

How to assess quality?

Many of the European YAM organisations use the IAN model as a basis for assessing quality in a YAM production, and it is also the model, the professional jury that selects the YAMawards use as a point of reference. The model can also be used to ask yourself some relevant questions in connection with your YAM concert:

If you want to read more about how the IAN model has been applied in Norway have a look at the chapter "6 Defining the vectors" in IAN: from theory to practise.

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