YAM Producers Forum 2016: "The World Comes Closer"

30 Jun, 2017

The YAMsession Producers Forum brings together a local young audiences production with two international producers from two different countries. The documentary shows how after a three days of hard teamwork producers and performers bring their piece to the next level, turning a classical music stage concert into a playful and interactive show for young audiences. 

Connection, motivation, dialogue, audience needs, fun... are just some of the topics brought into discussion to improve the production to its best for the most honest public: children.

The production first performs live for the YAMsession with their existing work whereafter they are whisked away by the producers and over the course of the next 2 days they work together to make a 'new' production, to be presented again on the final day. The whole process is followed by the audience who are encouraged to give input and reflections on what transforms a good production into a great one!

If you want to experience the transformation of the next production, attend YAMsession 2017, the annual international event for creative professionals working in the field of young audiences development. Register here: www.yamsession.org.

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