Successful Music Marathon in Brussels

A glimpse of JM Wallonie-Bruxelles Presentation Day 2016/2017 on April 14th
26 Apr, 2016

A delegation of seven international participants came to Brussels 13-15 April to meet, talk and experience a true marathon of Young Audiences Music concerts with delegates from municipalities, music schools and schools in the Wallonie-Bruxelles region. Seventeen concerts - a merry string of musical pearls across genres and ethnic expression, from powerful Burundi drummers to magical electro world music to a unique klezmer-rap-beatbox performance addressing contemporary social issues.

For a glimpse of some of the acts, check out the YAM facebook page and "La Balle Rouge", which was part of the opening of Festival Monte le Son on April 13th.

Topics such as quality assessment in Young Audience Music, the role of different elements in a concert and how to best reach new countries to promote YAM took place before and in between the many concerts framed beautifully by the Théâtre Marni.

Presentation Day 2016/2017 was the last national showcase to take place within the Blackboard Music Project. The project will end with a blast at the fourth YAM Session 2016 in Larvik, Norway 25-27 October 2016.

Post date 24. april