La Balle Rouge at festival Monte le Son

In the coming week Brussels will be buzzing with young audience music activities at festival Monte le Son
08 Apr, 2016

From Wednesday, April 13th to Sunday April 17th, the first edition of festival Monte le Son arranged by Jeunesses Musicales Bruxelles will take in Brussels: five days, four stages, eighteen concerts and forty professional artists from Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles; concerts for schools, concerts for families, and concerts for music and education professionals along with workshops and conferences.

There will be ample opportunity to meet, to exchange ideas and practice and reflect on the field where culture meets education in young audience music.

The festival opens Wednesday at 15.00 at Théâtre Marni with three public concerts, one of which is "la Balle Rouge", produced by JMFrance. La Balle rouge takes the audience into a subtle musical universe of visual intensity where the red ball bounces through the various stages of life carried by the music of the accordion. Click here for a taste of the music and the visuals.

Thursday April 14th, the Presentation day 2016/2017 of Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles (JMWB) will present seventeen new productions for professionals from the region and from abroad.

The exchange of la Balle Rouge, the festival Monte le Son opening and JMWB Presentation day 2016/2017 all take place as part of the Blackboard Music Project. For the full festival program, click here.