Swedish The Gothenburg Combo will enchant Finnish children

This week Korvat Kävelylle, Finnish YAM showcase, will present a series of top-class Finnish and international YAM productions
07 Mar, 2016

Korvat Kävelylle runs from March 9-11th and is followed by a week of concerts in the Kaarina area, where more than 3000 Finnish children will have the opportunity to hear a range of exciting YAM concerts and music workshops.

Among the international acts is award-winning Swedish The Gothenburg Combo, playful and virtous guitar duo, that has performed all over the world and played numerous YAM concerts in countries such as Denmark and Estonia.

In addition to this, Konserttikeskus has invited Brassical, lively Estonian brass ensemble, and Belgian champion Beatbox: Alexandre "Primitiv" Fenaux, who will perform and do workshops in the local schools in the Kaarina area.

Korvat Kävelylle is arranged by Konserttikeskus, Blackboard Music Project Partner. Find the full program here. The exchange of The Gothenborg Combo takes place as part of the Blackboard Music Project Exchange Programme.