Blackboard Music Project - Exchange of Productions Program

The Blackboard Music Project was launched with the first major YAM Session in Umeaa, Sweden in November 2014, and since then, a range of talented Young Audience concert productions has traveled across Europe to perform at showcases in different partner countries for a large number of children and professionals from Sweden in the north to Croatia in the south.
22 Dec, 2015

Initially eleven exchanges were planned to take place during the two year project period, but this number has grown steadily as the YAM Session has evolved and the project partners have discovered the many talented YA concert Productions existing around Europe.

YAM Session 2014 in Umeaa introduced, aside from a wide range of Swedish YA productions, Danish Body Rhythm Factory, 2013 YAMAwards winner, Norwegian Mjandasj and Spanish Zoobazar and Carmen Paris.

The YAM Session 2015 was originally scheduled to receive two international YA productions, but no less than nine high quality YAM productions from different partner countries/regions including Croatia, performed with great success in Zagreb, Croatia. See list of productions below.

In addition to this, the project exchanges have been expanded with Danish Body Rythm Factory visiting the 2015 Festival Tout’Ouïe in Paris and Swedish The Gothenborg Combo will go on tour in Finland in March, 2016.

In 2016 approximately ten different exchanges of high peak YA concert productions will take place, the majority of them ending the Blackboard Music Project with a blast at the YAM Session 2016 in Larvik, Norway on October 25-27th.

YAM Session 2015 in Zagreb:
From Jeunesses Musicales Croatia:
String Quartet Porin
– co-production with Belgian and Swedish Producers, Wouter van Looy and Katarina Bonander who worked with the quartet during the YAM Session.
Kaja Farszky - Music for one Suitcase
Mala Opera - The Story of Barbar the Little Elephant
from Jeunneses Musicales Walloonie-Bruxelles: Ialma - Camino
from JM France: Soleo
from Jeugd en Muziek Vlaanderen: Parel
from Rikskonsertene, Norway: Laus Levande
from Levende Musik i Skolen, Denmark: Jacob Nielsen - Piano Visuals
from Konerttikeskus, Finland: Wimme Sari and Tapani Varis