Amaze Me

A “best of” of European opera productions for young audiences
29 Sep, 2015

Discover a European “best of” of opera productions for young audiences, both of new creations and repertoire revisited. Of well known stories- and contemporary subject matters. Of participatory operas, cross-arts adventures, small formats and main-stage productions. Find out more about productions for teens, for children, and even for babies. And most often, it is a production that is of interest to all ages, in which every audience member will be swept away by a different sense of wonder, where quality is revealed.

This book is a showcase of one of the most rapidly evolving sectors in the domain of opera, which is breaking free of preconceptions and experimenting new ways of creating operatic works: that of productions for young audiences. Strangely, however, visibility seems to be lacking on European level. Maybe it is books like this that were lacking to date?

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