Young Audiences Music Workshops in Zagreb, Croatia

Scandinavian Producers work with Croatian Young Audience Music Productions
29 Aug, 2016

This weekend, Zagreb was bustling with Young Audience Music production workshops. Jeunesses Musical Croatia (Hrvatska Glazbena Mladez) had invited two internationanl producers to work with Croatian producers and music productions to get the ready for the Croatian schools..

Katarina Bonander from ... Sweden and Morten Brenne from Rikskonsertene, Norway spent three days in Zagreb to work with several different Croatian Music groups.

The exchange came about as a partial spin-off of YAMsession 2015 where Katarina Bonander was one of two international producers to work with a Croatian Production in the YAM Producers' Forum (see the documentary on the process "You need trust").

The exchange of Norwegian Producer, Morten Brenne took place as part of the Blackboard Music Project. Brenne worked with String World for Children, who will be performing at YAMsession 2016 in Larvik, Norway.