A taste of Musik i Tide showcase 2016

Levende Musik i Skolen took in the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music for 24 hours at full speed: Musik i Tide Showcase 2016.
21 Sep, 2016

Levende Musik i Skolen rounds up a successful Musik i Tide Showcase 2016. 

One packed day of professional input, network and lots of great music. 300 local children came to experience the concerts,  150 contact teachers, culture workers and producers from in and outside Denmark, and nearly 100 KulturCrew (Danish Students as Organisers) students who either hosted the concerts/worked behind the scenes, or came to select concerts for their schools in the 2016/2017 season.

Get a glimpse from the eventful day below. 

LMS Director Ebbe Høyrup welcomes all guests at the welcome dinner on Sept. 18th. In 1996, now 20 years ago, the very first Musik i Tide festival took place - then as now with Ebbe Høyrup in front. Photo: Christian Brandt

Visiting Chinese musicians at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music (who will tour Danish schools for LMS in the spring 2017) gave a delightful taste of traditional Chinese instruments. Afterwards, the guests had opportunity to try the Chinese strings. Photo: Christian Brandt

Royal Danish Conservatory of Music Percussion was one of the features at the showcase opening, Sept. 19th. Rhythm and  in Denmark's most beautiful concert hall. Photo: Christian Brandt

The tight showcase program hosted no less than 17 professional music groups, two courses and visits by hundreds of schoolchildren. Here local schools children dance with LMS group Viva. Photo: Christian Brandt

Kulturcrew students scribble notes deciding which concerts they wish to come to their school in the coming season. Photo: Christian Brandt

The hosting KulturCrew from local schools gathered to introduce the final concert. Photo: Christian Brandt

It takes something to captivate an audience after eight hours of non-stop concerts, networking and presenting, yet Wenzell and Bugge effortlessly worked magic. A fantastic end to a fantastic showcase! Photo: Christian Brandt