International Cooperation makes a Difference!

The Blackboard Music Project partners emphasize the importance of international cooperation within YAM
27 Jan, 2017

Over the course of the Blackboard Music Project (BbMP), the ten project partners from eight different countries around Europe have met and discussed the value of international cooperation within YAM. 

Since October 2014 the project has sought to strengthen and expand the YAM network and the international cooperation, to share ideas and inspiration, to learn from each other – all of it to make more and better YAM concerts.

"I really feel that YAM opens a window and gives us inspiration. Looking into different cultures with artists creating and performing for children of all ages is so important for our world today” Organiser Iceland

In this context the partners have outlined the primary benefits and reasons that emphasize the importance of the international cooperation.

Why international cooperation?


  • With one or two exceptions no country has a professional environment for producers and organizers that is big enough to really secure quality and development. An international collegial exchange and network provide this.
  • Children and youth all over Europe benefit from a larger variety in concerts, new and innovative approaches to create magic moments and expand horizons - experiences that last a lifetime.  
  • We can get better political influence by voicing relevant issues together.
  • Exhanging tours and productions become much easier when we are familiar with the organization systems in other countries.
  • Musicians who wish to perform for young audiences, will have access to a European network and market meaning a larger and more attractive touring and performing arena.
  • YAM in the cultural arena is much more visible when we can boost attention internationally (YAMsession and YAMawards).

Check out the article on international cooperation to read more about how YAM and the BbMP supports the international work.

“I can say that past year I knew two or three people, now I know 20, 30 – maybe even 100. And I’ve had the opportunity to talk to them –  face to face interactions that bond. It’s way, way better than writing e-mails. This was one of the greatest benefits after all” Partner Macedonia