Musik i Tide Showcase 2016 in Denmark!

19 Sep, 2016
Royal Academy of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark

Seventeen music groups, networking, good food and lots of music in one full day

19 September 2016

Levende Musik i Skolen (Live Music in Scools LMS) organizes each autumn Music i Tide Festival - Europe's largest festival for young audience music concerts - or Musik in Tide Showcase, where contact teachers and municipal representatives, culture workers and conservatory contacts can experience a variety of music groups offered in the coming season. In 2016, it stands on showcase at the Danish Royal Academy of Music in Frederiksberg. Besides a packed musical program featuring showcase, teacher courses, a stage for upcoming school concerts and enjoyable meals where participants meet for professional input, network and new contacts. You can see the full program here, and read more about the various events. Musik in Tide Showcase 2016 is organized by Levende Musik i Skolen in cooperation with Frederiksberg Municipality and the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Musik i Tide Festival since 1996

LMS has been around since 1992, and since 1996 the Musik i Tide Festival has taken place in alternating municipalities / cities. In 2012, LMS Musik i Tide Showcase was introduced as a one-day replacement for the traditionalt three-day festival which was held biannually, and with such success that LMS has since held festival and showcase alternately.

Deadline for registration is June