Korvat Kävelylle

09 Mar, 2016
Kaarina, Finland

A showcase of Finland's best music productions for young audiences

21:00 09 March 2016 - 17:00 11 March 2016

Korvat Kävelylle 2016, organized by Konserttikeskus and the city of Kaarina, offers to young audiences a significant list of differentiated shows and workshops. They will feature several artists with different backgrounds in an unusual combination of genres and instruments, as a part of the Blackboard Music Project. A manifold program where different arts and disciplines find their space and different interests find their harmony.

Beatboxing, bass solos, music theatre and dance performances, conferences and much more will contribute to the national exhibition of the best productions for young audiences in Finland. This two-days event held in Kaarina will represent not only an opportunity to showcase live performances, but it will serve also a platform for Young Audiences professionals to share ideas and to promote the international exchange of concerts and shows for young and children.

Korvat Kävelylle 2016 takes place as part of the Blackboard Music Project.

You can find the full program here.