Beats Across Borders - music makes a difference!

Professional artists join in Beats Across Borders to create musical workshops for children and young people all around the globe
30 Jun, 2017
In a globalised world, music might be the best chance we have to communicate across all borders and get closer to the change the world needs.

Beats Across Borders is an NGO grown out of northern Europe since 2016 that plan and conduct workshops to help mobilize children and young people to make a difference for themselves and in their local communities through musical production and presentation. The overall aim is to provide children around the globe who don't have access to manifest their creativity a chance to do so through music.

When 29-year-old Mikael Hegelund Martinsen, professional musician and Beats Across Borders founder, takes a group of professional artists, a lot of gear and takes off for e.g. Tanzania, something special happens in the meeting between professional European artists and local children and young people who all have something to contribute with.

It's a joint project where local creativity runs freely during workshops in which everything from 10 to 200 children and young people participate. There are no special requirements for content, no expectations. The only requirement is quality. It's not enough to have a message. The message must be conveyed with musical creativity.

By providing kids with a creative outlet they rightfully can claim as their own, the kids are offered an opportunity to convey their lives, thoughts and ideas in safe and professional artistic processes. With surprising and original results - every time! 

Beats Across Borders projects strive to create and maintain permanent relations to local partners and work to have production equipment donated to start build up local capacities and hereby expand the potential of future workshops.The overall goal of this effort is to make the artistic collaboration not temporary, but the foundation of a permanent creative process with real artistic, therapeutic and social results. 

At the heart of a Beats Across Borders project is always: 

  • a celebration of cultural diversity
  • a professional development of local creative sector capacities
  • a relentless focus on the creation of original music and visual arts

Anchored in social responsible business models, Beats Across Borders projects establish not only productive collaborations between active artists and young people from all over the world, but also between creative entrepreneurs, public institutions and private companies that wish to make a difference through CSR projects and collaborations. This is leading the way for new business approaches to development projects and Beats Across Borders wish to make clear, that humanitarian, social and even economic challenges in many cases can be met by cultural and creative measures at every high and low level of organisation and effort. 

For questions, inquiries and further information on how to be a part of the organisation please don’t hesitate to contact the daily management through or visit the online compound on

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