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05 Jan, 2016

YAMspace has collected a range of relevant background sources and links.

Unesco: Arts Education - "Arts Education is a universal human right for all learners", "to communicate a vision and develop a consensus on the importance of Arts Education for building a creative and culturally aware society" Road Map for Arts education

UN The Rights of the Child - "States Parties respect and promote the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and shall encourage the provision of appropriate and equal opportunities for cultural, artistic ... activity " Article 31

Creative Europeis EU's framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors. "Support to the culture sector aims to both protect and promote European cultural heritage while supporting the cultural and creative industries, enabling them to act as a driver for growth and job creation". The Blackboard Music Project is co-funded by Creative Europe of the European Union under European cooperation projects that aim "to improve access to European culture and creative works and to promote innovation and creativity".

Make Your Case! - Do you need hard based facts to support music in schools when approaching politicians, municipalities or other? Check out the Make your case toolkit article that links to the "Facts and quotes" page at the (NAMM is the National Association of Music Merchants) that works to promote Music Education in the US.

Do you have suggestions for other relevant sources, please contact Dorthe Damgaard

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