Korvat Kävelylle! - Showcase in Muurame

20 Mar, 2019
Muurame 40950 Finland
20 March 2019 - 00:41 23 March 2019

Korvat Kävelylle! showcase presents live music for schools, organized by Concert Centre Finland (Konserttikeskus), the municipality of Muurame, Children’s Art Centre Kulttuuriaitta and Finnish Music Campus. Showcase offers high-quality live music performances and other interesting related topics for the professionals and those interested in the subject. This is the sixth international festival organized by the Concert Centre Finland.

The program also includes 10-year-anniversary celebration of the Concert for Every School - operating model and the revieling of the third Inkku Award recipient. With the Inkku Award Konserttikeskus wishes to highlight individuals, ensembles, working groups or organisations which have excelled in bringing live music to children and young people in an interactive, inspiring and educational way, wanting at the same time to honor well-known music pedagogue Inkeri "Inkku" Simola-Isaksson's life's work. The festival also features top-notch concerts from abroad.